100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

Experience a luxurious slumber with our 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcases

Wake up each morning feeling refreshed thanks to Coverluxesilk’s silk pillowcases. Our collection of mulberry silk pillowcases will give you a beauty-boosted sleep that will make you feel rested, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. Not only are they anti-aging and antibacterial, but they are also hypoallergenic — perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Naturally temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, it won't absorb beauty products, so say goodbye to beauty oils transferring. With a high momme count, our mulberry silk pillowcases will give you a long-lasting, restorative sleep every night. 


What are the benefits of using silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases benefit your sleep and beauty regime like no other. Its flexible and smooth fibres will minimise friction and creasing to prevent tension on your skin that could lead to wrinkles. With fibres that won’t pull moisture from your skin, you can wake with a hydrated complexion that will help you look and feel your best.

Are satin pillowcases as good as silk?

No, we carefully craft our pillowcases from mulberry silk for its luxurious feel that satin cannot replicate. Satin is a synthetic material derived from polyester, which can trap heat. Unlike man-made silk, natural silk is made from the natural protein fibroin, giving it a soft, smooth and warm feel. In addition to being softer and smoother than satin, silk has antibacterial properties to help keep your skin healthy.

How to wash a silk pillowcase?

To wash a silk pillowcase, start by turning it inside out. Many people hand-wash silk pillowcases to protect their colour and plush feel from harsh detergents. For added convenience, you can machine wash your silk bedding using a delicate cycle and avoid excessive soap or detergent. We also recommend air drying them under the shade and away from the sun. For the best results, we suggest following our helpful care guide.

What is the best silk pillowcase for hair and skin?

Coverluxesilk's silk pillowcases are made from the finest (6A) mulberry silk. We understand that everyone's skin and hair are different, so we offer a range of luxurious mulberry silk pillowcases in Australia and other accessories like silk sleep masks to suit everyone's needs. To design a sleep setting devoted to your relaxation, explore our entire silk collection that will encase you in a higher level of luxury.

How long do silk pillowcases last?

Coverluxesilk’s range of silk pillowcases in Australia is woven from natural mulberry silk, letting you enjoy a durable, long-lasting design to carry you through endless nights and seasons. Designed to give you years of use with proper care, we recommend following our wash and care instructions to maintain its delicate look and feel for years to come.