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Hello Beautiful People, Welcome To Coverluxesilk!

My name is Sophia, I am the founder of Coverluxesilk. We are proudly located in Sydney Australia and are OBSESSED with Self Love, Care, Beauty, Health & Wellness.

Coverluxesilk was first created in 2020. With many previous years of studying Beauty, Health & Wellness we have brought our small brand to life and have been fortunate enough to ship over 15,000 high-quality products to our amazing customers over the past months.

We offer a wide range of products which we are hoping to expand that we believe will make you look and feel spectacular. Effortless beauty is our forte and by beauty, we mean both inner and outer beauty, ALL Physically, Mentally, and Emotional beauty.

Our mission to everyone that has trust in us and our service is to bring you happiness and confidence within. All the products that we currently provide and our future products are ones that we have put plenty of love, thought, and effort into. We strictly only supply products that we enjoy and personally use in our everyday lives. We believe this gives us the confidence to say that what we have is way more than just another online store.

Feel free to can sign up to our mailing list, we have weekly diary entries that include beauty and wellness tips and self-development advice that we hope will help you in becoming the highest version of yourself.

Put yourself first! Join our devotion to Self Love, Care, and a lot more! Connect with us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. We would be so proud and honored to hear from you guys! Thank you for your support.

Yours truly,
Sophia - Coverluxesilk

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