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I love this lightener!

After years of bleaching, I let my blonde grow out but have really missed having lighter hair. Finding this spray has been the best. I've been using this lightening spray for a couple weeks (would love a bigger bottle for thicker and longer hair) and am so stoked with the results. My hair has got quite a few shades lighter. I'm gonna pop a toner on to get rid of the brassiness. But love the spray and am definitely getting some more! I feel like myself again!

Omg amazing

I love this infrared led light has help with my Inflammation on my thighs and calf muscles best product out. I order one for my daughter to help with stretch mark, stretch marks have disappeared. I ordered another two .


Like so many others, I was skeptical at first. It sounds too good to be true! I've never dyed my hair before and didn't want to start now, but still wanted to have that beachy-blonde all year round. So I washed my hair, spritzed in the product, and blow-dried like normal... and wow. It worked like magic. Instantly one or two shades lighter, looks naturally sunkissed, and so many comments that my hair looks "so much lighter, shinier, blonder..." So happy!

Lash Luxe™ Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum
Game changer!

This legit works and my lashes have grown so much within a 2.5 month period. First photo was in Mid Feb and 2nd photo is now 8th May (+ lash lift)!! I’ve had lash extensions for 2 years a feww years ago and everytime they would end up so thin and short so stopped them and started using serums (esp this one) and like wow! Highly recommended!

It’s working!

I wanted to work of course when I ordered it but I was doubting at the same time as I’ve got dark hair.It actually works! I’ve use 3 times so far and my hairs getting lighter color each time.And I can’t forget to mention about no damage from using this product.AAA so far.

Hides my greys

I was looking for a way to hide growing grey hair without going to the hairdressers. Used the spray on HALF of my head once, and I think it works. I see the difference.

Tawny and terrific!

Coverluxe Lighten Luxe has given my naturally, dark brown hair a fabulous tawny glow! I quick spray and blow dry every 2 weeks takes care of regrowth. Very gentle on my scalp and no strong odour, means a great deal to someone with allergies. Great product ☺️

Delivers with a little patience and is so good for your hair

This product does what it promises to do. I spray it in my dark brown, almost black Asian hair either wet or dry, then I blow dry it for 5-10 minutes. You can really see the difference after each application. It's gradual so you need to be committed, be patient and to trust in your hair journey. My hair is medium length and one bottle has lasted five applications. It's now a few shades lighter. Definitely going to purchase another two bottles right away.

Lash Luxe™ Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum
Coverluxesilk's Lash Luxe Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum - Amazing results!! NO CAP ✨

I got my eyelash serum order from coverluxesilk just a couple of weeks ago and after 7 consecutive nights of applying the serum, I can say that their 7-day noticeable results were true!! I used to have super short and unnoticeable lashes but now I feel happy seeing the results. Super thankful to have bumped into an ad for this product. Must try!! 💗

Best hair care in a bottle - and it's Aussie!

I have been using Lighten luxe for over a year now. I started with dyed dark brown/black hair with red under tones and I was very skeptical as to what results I would get with dyed hair. After my first use I saw my hair lighten to a soft brown and was amazed. I continued with Lighten Luxe to turn my hair a light mousey blonde/brown as I was tired of dying my hair every 6 weeks to hide the greys in my regrowth. Dying was too hard and messy and the dyes were ruining my hair. The lighten luxe has been a life saver for my hair - after using t for 1 year my hair is so much lighter than mousey brown, it's even gotten to a blonde! It's so soft and in the best condition it's ever been in years - no damage AT ALL! I even have no splits ends now as my hair is no longer brittle from constant dying. But what I love most about this product is its Australian and all natural! I do not hesitate to tell anyone who asks how I colour my hair - it's just so darn easy to do at home - I LOVE IT!


At first I was sceptical, everything I do with my hair never really goes well. I've never coloured it before but I always wanted it a little lighter. This product does exactly that without having to go to a salon and spend $300. It took me a few times to get to my desired lightness but I like how it's gradual. You have more control over how light you want to go. I have been recommending this to my friends since!

Literally the dream product!

I was sceptical about how well this was going to work on me, after a hairdressing disaster... I asked my hairdresser to blend in my bleached ends by dying my hair the same colour as my natural but it ended up going almost pure black! I hated my hair for months and then tried this by spraying it in my hair and sitting in the sun with a book for just 30 minutes. By the second application my hair ended up 2 shades lighter than my natural colour! I used both the hair drier and the sun for the second application, honestly I'm amazed by this and will be buying more to keep it at this colour 😍

Amazing Product

I have medium blonde hair that throws gold tones. Have a few greys coming through so wanted to lighten my hair.. however could not afford foils at the moment. I have been watching reviews for some time now. I have used this twice and dried with hairdryer and I am super amazed. I am loving my new colour and my hair feels so soft and not dry at all. I will definitely be continuing to use this and can totally recommend this to others.

One happy hairdresser!

I'm a hairdresser by trade but left the business about 10 years ago. I do my own hair now and have let my colour grow out and let the grey hair break free! The problem was that although I have a lot of grey, I have patches of natural colour which made my hair a bit too salt and pepper for my liking but didn't want to colour my hair again. Then i found your product and decided i had nothing to lose. It's been incredible. 3 applications on dry hair and my natural colour has lightened enough to soften the whole look. I slept with the product on, after adding heat with a blow dryer on high heat but low fan. My before (1st photo) and after results show how soft and great the result is.
We hairdresser have a tendency to not try other products that we dont know about, but believe me, I'm incredibly happy I did. My hair feels great, love the colour, so what more could I ask for.Thanks guys!


This spay is honestly a game changer. At first I was hesitant to try this product as I usually get foils, due to currently trying to grow my hair out for it to be healthier and longer I wasn’t planning on bleaching my hair anymore. My natural hair colour is dirty blonde, I was hoping to use this product to lighten my hair naturally. Within the first few uses I could see a huge difference. Especially in my root colour, although the product didn’t make my hair as ashy as I preferred, more so a warmer colour after a few more uses I was able to lighten my hair to the perfect shade, also using a purple shampoo. Very low maintenance, super happy with the results. I find this works best in wet hair and dried in the sun. Thank you for creating this amazing product, suitable for bleached hair. Happy to say I will be continuing to use this product and saving $$. ❤️

About to buy more!!

I love the results I’ve had from my first bottle, I’m so excited to see what happens after my next purchase!!

Pleasantly surprised

I saw this on Facebook and really wasn't sure about it .But after reading the reviews I thought well it can't hurt to try it at least.
I have extremely long hair so going to the hair dresser for highlights is extremely expensive so being able to spray them in at home and get on with my day is awesome.
My only comment is that I wish the spray nozzle was bigger so the spray was wider to save so much time and drench hair faster

My Hair ALWAYS Looks Sunkissed!!

This is honestly such a game changer for my hair. I've always had dirty blonde hair, with my hair only going golden from the natural sunlight. WELL NOW IT ALWAYS LOOKS SUNKISSED!!! No more having to spend money at the salon to get my natural golden look (which they were never able to get anyways from my experience). I can choose to have darker roots if I want to create a balayage look. Or I can have root to tip gold. I absolutely love this product. It is gentle on my fine hair and smells amazeeeeeballs!! Doesn't take long to do and I can do it on my own. I am obsessed. Thank you for creating this!!!


When I saw the ads for this, I gave it ago. In this climate, I couldn’t afford to keep getting foils done at my hairdresser at $400-$500 a time. After using a whole bottle in a week (as I was skeptical of this working), I am amazed. Photos attached are 5 days apart, with 1 wash in between. Now I just use the spray the day before I’m due to wash my hair for maintenance. Add a purple toner shampoo and voila! Can’t wait to see the results after continued use! :) lifesaver

Amazing! But not Bleach...

So even with so many reviews I still questioned whether they were real and I can promise they are because here I am a real random person leaving my review haha.

So first off it definitely works as all the other reviews showed and say!

I wanted this so I could stop bleaching my regrowth and basically never have regrowth ever again haha, so this has somewhat solved my issue, the reason I say somewhat is because when I only had like not even a centermeter of regrowth it full looked like I freshly bleached my roots, the spray turned all my baby hairs around my face hair line white blonde and the brown thin regrowth line went lighter making it blend into my bleached hair seamlessly I was so excited.

But now that my regrowth has grown out more, it has made the unbleached regrowth an orange ginger colour... it's not wearable like that because my roots are full orange (instead of brown) with blonde the rest of the way, I tried to tone it but it just ended up toning my blonde to white and did nothing to the roots as there a bit to dark of an orange unlike a yellow which would tone.

So the next step would be to put 10vol Bleach on for 10mins which would hardly do any damage compared to what I would normally have to use for my brown.

I use it every night quickly spraying around my entire scalp and then hair dryer for 5mins, I've used 2 bottles.

So it works, but it's not Bleach... but still an AMAZING product which I will continue to play around with to hopefully never have to Bleach again.

It got rid of the orange / red out of the ends of my hair from red dye!!!

I had blonde highlights in my hair previously but half my hair was a brassy red colour from dying it alot in the past.
I’ve wanted my hair blonde for years but I’ve had that many colours and havnt been able to achieve the colour I’ve wanted.

I had highlights done twice last year but I didn’t want to keep killing my hair and have it damaged but I wanted it blonde.
December last year I got the lighten luxe and wow I can’t believe it after over a month using it I can see a massive difference in my hair and I can’t wait to order another bottle soon to achieve the desired colour I want but I’m so happy and I highly recommend especially since it’s natural and won’t damage your hair !!!!!!


Love this
😀I love this product my hair has become more lighter each time i use it always getting compliments. I would recommend this product to anyone thanks coverluxsilk. Kel

Lighten luxe

As a busy mum I wanted something easier and I'm definitely converted. I thought this was to good to be true but it actually works. After only 4 uses I can see a massive change in my hair mum bun and all . Before and afters don't do it justice .

Lash Luxe™ Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum
Lashes for days

I had very light, sparse lashes and after using the Lash Luxe for a few months I now have these amazing thick and dark lashes.

I put on mascara today and I couldn't believe how amazing they looked. I also love the silicon spoolie brush that comes with the Lash Luxe as it gives my lashes a nice curl.

Worth the time and money.

Great results

Brought this for my daughter as her dark blonde hair Wass going more brown colour, I was not prepared for her to get highlights at the hairdresser but after reading about this product I was happy for her to try it, it is easy to use and her hair is definitely lighter in colour and she is very happy. Will purchase again