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Hair lightening spray

I have had over 30 people comment and ask if I have dyed my hair! Perfect when you have never dyed your hair but want it to get lighter

Eyelash growth serum

I didn't believe it till I saw the results. My eyelashes are definitely thicker using your growth serum. I would absolutely recommend your product.

Best Lash Serum EVER!

After reading all the reviews and the price compared to other lash serums! I checked out the ingredients and they are all natural so they don't contain any harsh chemicals that can affect the eyes or skin long term. I apply this serum to clean my lashes every night at the end of my beauty routine. After about 1 month I could see some drastic results. If you need a sign this is it! So much better than lash extensions, I was really starting to hate the heavy feeling on my skin from them.


I’ve used about 3 times - first time I sat in the sun then washed my hair , sprayed again & blow dried.
Just washed and blow dried again & this is my before and after!!!
I love it, def buying another bottle or 10 🤣
I recommend using on wet hair as I tried using on dry hair & the results weren’t nearly as good as using on wet!

Lighten Luxe™ Besties Bundle Hair Lightener?

Value for money, works well. Fast delivery. Natural ingredients wich made my hair feel soft and easy to manage

Hair lightener

Got the twin pack for me & my bestie. I have dark brown hair so after using product I have a med-light brown highlight, more noticeable in natural lighting but so happy with the outcome. With one bottle I got 5 uses out of it.


I'm so happy that I purchased! I was hesitant at first but I'm so glad I gave in to my curiosity on how this would work. I'm on my second bottle now and I'm so happy. I've always had blonde highlights but since covid, I lived with the dreaded regrowth and greys. But my hair felt healthier without the constant bleaching. This amazing spray not only blended my regrowth with my ends, but it's disguising my greys and my hair feels so healthy. I'm probably a strawberry blonde now, can't wait to see how it looks with my next spray. I so highly recommend this product, its fantastic, easy to use and my hair looks and feels fabulous! 🙏🤩

Great product

Very surprised and happy with the results

Visible results!

My friend recommended this to me so I bought it and have been trying this and being consistent with it applying every night before bed for two weeks now and I am already seeing new hairs come through. I have tried other lash serums before but this is my favourite because it’s a better price and I am seeing results faster. If you are on the fence I highly recommend! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Easy to use and instant results

Only used once and I could notice the difference on the auburn/darker colour hair as it made it lighter but the ends of hair which are blonde, didn’t go much blonder or lighter. Washed, sprayed and blow dried to see colour change .

Heat activated hair lightener

Amazing product have lightened my hair beautifully would definitely recommend

Love this product

So wasn't sure if this would work, but it was so much better than I expected, really loving it, I just wished I had taken some before and after photos. Will definitely be ordering some more. Amazing, thanks for delivering a great product !!

Truly amazing

I had been looking at reviews and wondering about this product for months.

I finally have in and bought a bottle. In 3 applications it has lightened my all
over colour from a dark brown/red to a light ginger colour, my darker caramel foils have come up lighter and brighter blonde.

I was really on the fence before trying and now I’m truly blown away by the results I have been able to achieve from just using this spray.
My hair feels and looks amazing with absolutely no damage to my hair.
Definitely buying more and will continue to use this from now on, as it has even blended my regrowth and greys into my dyed hair colour for a nice fresh coloured look.

Worked quite well!

The directions were really easy to follow, I used the hair dryer method, and I used it twice a few days apart. It has lightened my naturally darker blonde hair a tone or two, and although it did go a little brassy I am just using toning shampoo to fix this. I would definitely use this again.

Couldn't be happier! ♥️♥️ Lash Luxe

I bought this lash serum because the other ones I have tried in the past irritated my eyes, and the price of this one was lower than the others. I could see results within the first week of using it but the biggest game changer was when I was using it consistently for about 6 weeks straight. I am obsessed! I only need to apply a few times a week since I have already reached my desired length. customer service is fantastic, they always answer all my questions, fast shipping also. Im glad I came across a good Aussie brand. thanks Coverluxesilk! 🥳 the first pic was from a week and a half it my eyelashes were actually even shorter than that! second it is about 5 to 6 weeks in!

Part of my daily routine!

I have been using my Luxe Light for a while now and I have seen changes in my skin, energy and hair growth. I use it daily for 20 mins morning and night. I highly recommend to anyone that is interested in a little more self care. It’s so easy to use I literally just got to sit there.

My hair is 2 shades lighter

I had really dark brown almost black coloured hair, I am on my second bottle and my hair is brown with a red tinge. Still have a lil while to get to my desire colour but it's been effortless. I noticed a colour change with my first use. Love this product.


I have thick frizzy dark brown curly hair and my curls look way better when my hair is lighter but I didn’t want to spend so much at the hair salon especially that my hair has so much heat damage.

I came across this product and I was so skeptical but gave it a shot anyway and let me tell you!! After 5 applications my hair is now between the colour light brown - Auburn and now my boyfriend wants this product 😍 I absolutely love how easy and healthy this is for my hair and will keep using it until my hair gets even lighter. My only regret is that I didn’t know about this product sooner! I’ll be back for more 🤩🤩🤩

This stuff works. No joke

This is my second time purchasing. I saw results after a few rounds. It is very easy to use and the colour is consistent and uniform. I also feel that it makes my hair shiny. I seem to be dropping less hair as well. Definitely needed to let my bestie in on this 🤍

This stuff works!

Excellent gentle hair lightener. It does contain hydrogen peroxide, but with the other natural ingredients it seems to protect hair nicely whilst it gradually lightens. I used it on damp hair, about 10 sprays worth mixed in with a bit of leave-in treatment then blow dried my hair. I repeated for about 10 days to get the desired shade. It was very gradual this way, so I could control the lightening process easily.

Hair Magic in a Bottle

One bottle, three nightly applications was all it took to take my hair from black to the shade of brown I wanted. I am absolutely delighted with the results. I was planning to get my hair coloured in a salon but now there’s no need. 100% satisfied!

Game Changer! Went from black to honey light brown

Initially seeing the before and after photos before purchasing for the first time, I thought, they are paid models and pics were taken from a hair dressing salon. But I thought, it's not that expensive to try so I've ordered the 2 bottle bundle, as I have long hair. I went from black (colour dyed) hair to chest nut in just 3 sprays/blow dries. So that was 3 days. Then 3 more and I went a gorgeous honey light brown. In 6 day's I've achieved what normally would have been expensive bleaching sessions at the hair salon. Not to mention that at the salon, I would have to go back a few times having it stripped from black so that my hair would a break. Naturally my hair is extremely thin and breaks from a single foil session. Thanks to coverluxe lightener, I was able to achieve that perfect honey light brown colour that J-lo or Jessica Alba has, from the comfort of my home and non evasive way. I'm so hooked that now I've ordered another 4 bottles, one for my mum lol and 3 more for me as I now want to go more blonde for summer! Thank you coverluxe for an amazing product, don't ever change the formula and keep sending us specials on the price. My neighbours have just ordered 2 bottles each so give it a try, you will not regret it and you'll see results by your second, third spray. Literally shades lighter immediately!


The hair lightener works so fast and so well. I used it 3 times only for thr shade I required. Didn't dry my hair out, and left it feeling great.
As for the lash serum...omg, game changer! This stuff really does work!!! I have been a little inconsistent with application, but the growth and thickening of my lashes is REAL! So amazing! I'm very grateful! Xxx


Used it only once but saw the difference in Jst one go.

Amazing product

This product does exactly as it advertises! My hair lightened after one use, with no damage