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Love it

Does exactly what was advertised


Best product by far, invest in one if you care about pre mature ageing and loosing hair.

Love this concept.

Such a rare an interesting concept that makes sense when you really think about it. I has a jade roller before and found that it broke after I accidentally whacked it against my cabinet. I didn’t want that to happen agains I got this and love it.

Lash Serum Review

Lash Lush worked for my short lashes. I can’t recommend it enough!

Silk review

I love my silk pillowcase I have bought two so I never miss a night without them

So incredibly blown away!!!

Sooooo happy with these results! I went from an almost black, to a caramel in only 3 weeks! Only one bottle! Thank you so much! 😍


Very happy with the lighting spray, my hair is lighter and it looks so natural and the hair becomes soft and beautiful


Seen results in my second week even my brother realised that my lashes were longer, can’t wait to get a lash lift. It’s going to look so nice.

Amazing ! So cute and great quality.

Amazing quality!

Great product.

So cute! I bought two. You can wear prescriptions under it too which I love. Protects whole face from strong sun. Im into skincare so I love that this is cute and god for my skin.

Protected from the sun and looking fab

I LOVE my visor I bring it everywhere with me.

Ahhhhh get it, trust me..

I used to sleep in cotton and when I put my night time creams on by the time I wake up in the morning my pillowcase has absorbed it all. Silk is the complete opposite.

Wow 🤩

Wow wow wow...unbelievable...wish I had of taken before & after shots 📸...truly unbelievable results...don’t think I’ll ever need to do foils again 😬 Yay! Thank you Coverluxesilk. PS: And not only great blonde results, definitely an improvement in hair “healthiness”, ie shine, softness!


Wow this actually works so well. My roots were so dark and I’ve used this twice and it has lightened them up to a natural brown/copper. Amazing I love it
Only thing is the smell I’m not a fan of which is super fine because you can wash your hair within 4 hours or the next day.

It’s not about what it is. It is about what it can become - Dr. Seuss

And in this case, it is my hair 🫶

Hi Everyone,
Hair Lighten Luxe has helped my hair go from dyed dark black to a light blonde natural colour that I am very happy with.
It is easy to use, and although my time in natural sunlight to relax is limited (mum of two young ones here) my hair dryer works just as well to get my desired results.
I will mention, I do have to use a blue toner to neutralise yellow tones but I use it literally twice a month.
I could rant on buuut, I have attached some pictures to prove it!!!
So if light hair is what you desire, give it a whirl 🤗
It literally works for me and I will continue to use this product.

Best product.

I have very Curley and thick hair that is so hard to manage and I have tried many products that can reduce the frizz and wow!

Gua sha review

5 stars! I look forward to massaging my face and it feels very nice.

Such a statement.

Statement piece so pretty and I love wearing it when I go for walks. Sun care is so important for the skin and this visor literally covers the whole face and you can see through it.

I only use silk for hair ties

Silk is my everyday item that I use. I have all your colours.

Worth every dollar

Lash Luxe is so awesome. I bought it as I am finally starting to intruding better self love and care into my life. Because if I look after myself I can look after people around me. It has given me so much confidence and it makes me happy. This brand concept it right up my alley!

I love the products here

All of Coverluxesilk products are really great. Haven’t disappointed me 👍🏻👍🏻

This is great stuff!

Works just as well, if not better, than more expensive lash serums I have tried. I will be buying more and definitely recommending to others

Exquisite quality.

Great quality I use it a few times a week and love it.

Everyone always asks me where I get it from.

People ask me where I get it from, so cute I love these visors!

Lift Luxe Steel Gua Sha

I don’t mind investing in my self care and this is a staple in my beauty routine.