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Lashes for days

I had very light, sparse lashes and after using the Lash Luxe for a few months I now have these amazing thick and dark lashes.

I put on mascara today and I couldn't believe how amazing they looked. I also love the silicon spoolie brush that comes with the Lash Luxe as it gives my lashes a nice curl.

Worth the time and money.

Great results

Brought this for my daughter as her dark blonde hair Wass going more brown colour, I was not prepared for her to get highlights at the hairdresser but after reading about this product I was happy for her to try it, it is easy to use and her hair is definitely lighter in colour and she is very happy. Will purchase again

I'm Impressed!!

Apart from being satisfied with this delightful product it give users that little bit extra that exceeds their expectations

Thank you : )

Totally shocked this works

I’ve been used to going to get a head full of foils at least 4 times a year for $220 a go and my daughters are the same so it costs me a fortune. We were both needing a redo before the Dec holidays and the budget is tight this year so we used the spray and WOW WOW WOW - I’ve just grabbed us all bottles for Christmas gifts and best present ever 💕

It works!

I had very dark brown hair and it's lightened it a fair bit . My hair lifts warm so it's a very warm brown, but definitely lighter! Pretty happy with my results so far and will keep using!

Great product!

The lightener works so well! I’m growing out my salon colour and haven’t had my hair coloured professionally in over a year now! Very happy with this product.

love love love

bought this product as i didnt want to spend hours in the hairdressers anymore and wasting money. used this twice and absolutely love it. my hair is lightening gradually which i loves as im in control of the colour. cant wait to buy more.

Amazing hair

I love how my hair has gone 3 shades lighter with the lightning spray and I didn't even have to dye my hair

It really does nourish and lighten!

I had given up thinking that there could be a product that lightens, nourishes and contains little to no chemicals. My hair is naturally blonde, susceptible to frizz and breakage. I had been using chemical lightening sprays and the occasion boxed dye to make my hair a whiter blonde for years. It stung my scalp - but I continued to use it because it gave me the colour I liked. But it also made it so dry, that it was braking off and made my hair very thin. It got to the point that my hair was so dry that I could barely brush through it- I had to cut half of it off to start again.

Then I became aware of chemicals! Even products that claimed to be natural, weren’t! I tried henna, but that only made my hair orange. I stopped everything and just let it grow. After years of no chemicals it become strong, healthy and long again. I loved it! But the colour had become dull. I still missed that brighter blonde that I had been. I had basically given up looking, thinking that it’s better to have healthier hair than coloured, chemical hair. Then an ad came up for CoverLuxe. Of course I was skeptical, as many are. But I was interested enough to ask around. No one I knew had used it. But after reading through all these reviews, I knew they couldn’t all be fake. So I ordered a bottle and it’s safe to say that it does what it says. I noticed the colour change the most with the second spray, but it was still showing some warm tones (which still look natural, unlike box dyes, I just don’t like it on me). After the fourth it was much better and lighter. I did use a toner to help lift the warm tones out.

My hair is so soft now! I can’t remember my hair ever feeling like this. I got around 6-7 uses for the bottle. I used it on damp and dry hair, and think it’s equally as effective but after doing both, I prefer to spray on dry hair so I can tell I’m using enough.

I’m still not at the colour I’d like it to be and I’m still unsure how light it makes your hair if you keep using it, OR if it stops at a certain point. So I’ve just purchased another bottle to find out. Either way though, it’s still made my hair brighter than it was, so I’m still a happy customer. The first photo is before any spray, the second photo is after around 6 uses.

YAY.No more expensive highlights for me.

This product is honestly absolutely amazing 👏
I live on a boat and travel Australia so maintaining my hair is a nightmare. I used the Lighten Luxe Hair Lightner for only 4 days to try and lighten my regrowth. I have brown and grey roots and omg I was truely amazed at the results in just 4 days. See true photos. My hair also feels great. I have curly frizzy hair and I can honestly say it feels like this product has put moisture back in my weathered hair.
We stopped at runaway bay the other day so I could get a hair cut and the hairdresser was also amazed and asked for the link to try it herself.
I have referred this product onto my friends and family and ordered more for when my regrowth grows back.
I did not use a hair dryer I simply sprayed it on after my shower and brushed it through for 4 days.
Highly highly reccomend.

Love it!

I have always had blonde hair but it has been getting darker over the years. Blonde highlights were just making my hair look like a dirty blonde and I didn’t know what to do as my hair is very fine and prone to breakage, so scalp bleaching is not a good way to go. I stumbled across Coverluxesilk on Facebook and after reading the reviews I decided to try it. For the first application I went for a walk in the sun, but it was cold and windy. My hair only had a slight change. I then tried blow drying my hair for the second attempt and the colour immediately lightened up - I was so excited!! I now use this product once per week to keep the roots lightened.
I could not have been more happy with the result - it’s exactly what I was looking for!!

Working wonders!

I bought this serum after finding it on a TikTok ad and thought why not try it. I have very short thin and and straight lashes so anything this would give me would be better than what I already had. In only 4 days of consistent use I already saw major differences in the thickness of my lashes. After a couple of weeks it’s definitely lengthened and thickened them a lot! I will keep on using it and see where we end up! :)


This product has changed my life! I was so hesitant to purchase at first, it seemed to good to be true...but I was desperate. I've always had blonde highlights but once covid hit, I was faced with not only awful regrowth but the dreaded greys! For someone that's in her 50's I realised bleaching my hair wasn't so flattering but I needed a solution so I gave it a go. I'm so glad I did!! Not only has my 6 inch regrowth disappeared, my hair has lightened to a lovely light shade that complements my skin and disguises my greys! I definitely recommend this product! My hair is the best colour it's ever been and it's so healthy, just love it!! Thankyou!

Best product I've ever purchased!!

I was super skeptical about lighten luxe but I'm eating my words now! By far the BEST hair purchase I've ever made! With 2 babies under 1 years old sitting for hours in a hairdressers just isn't an option but now with this product I NEVER will again. One more application and my hair will be where i want it. Thank you 😍

This stuff is no joke!

I saw this in TIK TOK and thought lol not another scam product but the price was decent and also I wanted to grow out my lashes, the reviews and results looked good. Now that I have tried it I am HOOKED. The thing that relieved me was the money back guarantee but I don’t need it because It actually works! Apply every night before bed and that is it you’re all good to go it's so easy.

Great results

I used the product for 5 mornings in a row applying down my centre part. I was happy with the result after 5 days as any lighter would have been too much for my regrowth. I slept with it on. My hair felt fine in the morning. There was no reaction on my satin pillowcase.

Such a great lash serum!

I have been using lash luxe for one month now and am LOVING the results. This is the first lash serum that I’ve come across that’s a. Affordable b. Shipped from Australia c. Comes with a lash brush to brush your lashes and keep them nice. What a thoughtful touch! Love the packaging and results 💓 so glad I found something that works thanks

What a hat!

Love! Love! Love! The Luxe Protect Visor Hat Ultra Coverage Fantasy!
Stylish, yet protecting the investment a women puts into their face!

Lighten Lux..

I'm completely happy with this amazing product..I have a broken upper arm and shoulder.Feeling debilitated and unable to manage my hair I decided to purchase and regain some independence.Magic results achieved which made me feel like a new lady.. Highly recommend this product, liquid gold for my morale and hair


This product really suprised me. It works so well and my belayage looks refreshed. I have naturally really dark hair dark complexion. I’ve been telling everyone about this product. I have ordered 4 already and will be getting more.

Best Lash Serum EVER!

After reading all the reviews and the price compared to other lash serums! I checked out the ingredients and they are all natural so they don't contain any harsh chemicals that can affect the eyes or skin long term. I apply this serum to clean my lashes every night at the end of my beauty routine. After about 1 month I could see some drastic results. If you need a sign this is it! So much better than lash extensions, I was really starting to hate the heavy feeling on my skin from them.


I’ve used about 3 times - first time I sat in the sun then washed my hair , sprayed again & blow dried.
Just washed and blow dried again & this is my before and after!!!
I love it, def buying another bottle or 10 🤣
I recommend using on wet hair as I tried using on dry hair & the results weren’t nearly as good as using on wet!

Heat activated hair lightener

Amazing product have lightened my hair beautifully would definitely recommend

Truly amazing

I had been looking at reviews and wondering about this product for months.

I finally have in and bought a bottle. In 3 applications it has lightened my all
over colour from a dark brown/red to a light ginger colour, my darker caramel foils have come up lighter and brighter blonde.

I was really on the fence before trying and now I’m truly blown away by the results I have been able to achieve from just using this spray.
My hair feels and looks amazing with absolutely no damage to my hair.
Definitely buying more and will continue to use this from now on, as it has even blended my regrowth and greys into my dyed hair colour for a nice fresh coloured look.

Couldn't be happier! ♥️♥️ Lash Luxe

I bought this lash serum because the other ones I have tried in the past irritated my eyes, and the price of this one was lower than the others. I could see results within the first week of using it but the biggest game changer was when I was using it consistently for about 6 weeks straight. I am obsessed! I only need to apply a few times a week since I have already reached my desired length. customer service is fantastic, they always answer all my questions, fast shipping also. Im glad I came across a good Aussie brand. thanks Coverluxesilk! 🥳 the first pic was from a week and a half it my eyelashes were actually even shorter than that! second it is about 5 to 6 weeks in!