Lash Luxe Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum Money-Back Guarantee

We really believe that Lash Luxe can give you amazing growth results. That is why we offer a money-back guarantee. If you do not see growth within 90 days of consistent use. We will provide you with a refund. 

It is important to understand that for Lash Luxe to work, you must be consistent with your daily applications. 

Lash Luxe money-back guarantee terms and conditions:

You must follow this guideline to qualify for our money-back guarantee. 

  1. Download a timestamp app on your phone such as Time Camera Basic.
  2. Take a picture of your eyelashes looking down with your face on the 1st day with the app after your Lash Luxe application. 
  3. You must apply the Lash Luxe every day and then take a photo daily with your timestamp. It must be the same person, angle and, lighting every day.
  4. After 90 days if you haven’t seen any growth and it is evident that there is no growth whatsoever in the timestamp and you would like to submit a request for our money-back guarantee. Email with your request for a money-back guarantee refund, please include you order number, and timestamp of 90 days. 
  5. Once we have received your email, we will carefully assess your timestamp. Once you are eligible, we will then process your refund within 2 business days.